One of those days…

I managed to write my 90% of my next blog post today… and then Emily threw up on me. Twice. So its on hold.

That means that this is all you get this evening I’m afraid. Sometimes life is like that!

Now where did I put my wine…

Long haul flights with a baby

Emily is a well travelled baby. I am going to do a mini travel series, covering some of our stories, tips and pitfalls.

This post is going to cover a long haul flight (British Airways economy), connecting from Gatwick to Heathrow with National Express, UK and USA airport security with your baby stuff, USA immigration and our tips to make it go smoothly. I’ll run through things in journey order and try to keep this post organised so that you can find relevant bits as needed.

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Mummy gets hit by a car (now daddy has to do the work)

Yesterday Charlotte was hit by a car whilst crossing the road on her way to work (not her fault, the driver went through a red light on a pedestrian crossing). Needless to say yesterday was stressful for us!

We spent a few hours in hospital whilst Charlotte had neck x-rays, neurological tests (she landed on her head after being thrown a few feet in the air according to witnesses), general poking and prodding of her back, leg and generally her right side where she was hit. We were back home within about 4 hours and I have to say the hospital staff and police were fantastic, so thanks to them.

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Sacrifice (or why motorbikes and babies don’t mix)

Everyone talks about how much you give up to become a parent. Charlotte and I planned our baby. We planned a lot. We didn’t really think about what we’d be giving up until about two months after the stick turned blue.

Driving back from our first scan we were pulled out on by a bike. I had to break hard and I swore (something else I’ve given up). I am, or I was, a biker, so I know when bikers do things they shouldn’t and I know the difference between a biker being cocky and a near miss – this was a near miss. We carried on chatting and after a couple more miles Charlotte casually slipped “I want you to sell your bike” into the conversation. We didn’t really need the money, so I asked why, but I already knew.

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